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Past Members

Dr. Fatemah AlHassawi  

Ph.D. Completed 2017     

Thesis Title: Influence of Food Matrix Physico-chemcial Properties on teh Biophysics of Digestion and in situ Luminal Viscosity


Andrew Singh                                                                                                          

M.Sc. Completed 2017

Thesis Title: Chemical Modifications to Structurally-Simple Low Molecular Mass Organogels 

Nanxi Li                                                                                                               

M.Sc. Completed 2016

Thesis Title: Diffusion Through Fat Crystal Networks: Fluorescence Analysis and Correlations with Physico-chemical Properties

Dr. Yaqi Lan

Ph.D. Completed 2016

Thesis Title: Rational design of Molecular Gelators -- Solvent Systems Guided by Solubility Parameters

Huixin Du 

M.S. Completed 2015                                                                                                               

Thesis Title: Physico-Chemical Properties of Tristearin-Oil Blends

Chen Liu      

M.S. Completed 2014                                                                                                        

Thesis Title: Ternary Phase Diagram of Octane-1-Octanol-1-Octylamine

Songwei Wu                                                                                                          M.S. Completed 2014

Thesis Title:  Hansen Solubility Parameters as a Quantifiable Tool To Study 12HSA Self-Assembly

Jie Gao

M.S. Completed 2013

Thesis TItle:  Solvent Induced Modifications to Fiber Nanostructure and Morphology for 12HSA Molecular Gels

Fatemah AlHasawi                                                      

M.S. Completed 2013


Thesis Title: Ternary Phase Diagram of b-sitosterol, oryzanol, and canola oil 

Mr. Ricky H.S. Lam 

M.Sc. Completed 2011

Thesis Title:   Crystallization of Stearic acid Moieties.  

Ms. Hayley Rutherford

M.Sc. Completed 2011

Thesis Title:   Structural Investigations of Liposomes. University of Saskatchewan

Past Undergraduate and High School Students

Qi (Caitlyn) Feng                                                                                                    2015

Caitlyn is a Food Science Undergraduate and is working on peptide organogels and peptide nano fibers.

Derrick Fondaco                                                                                                     2013-2015

Derrick is a Food Science major and is working as an Aresty Summer Scholar.  His project focused on understanding the digestion of infant formulations.

Karen Ben-Elazar                                                                                                   2014-2015

Karen's undergraduate project focused on the gastric and intestinal release of novel polymeric drugs including polyasprin.

This project is co-supervised by Dr. Kathryn Uhrich.  

Tara Strober                                                                                                              2013- 2014

Tara worked at the interface of the community and our researh preparing educational tools focusing on molecular gastronomy.  Keep an eye on our webpage for updates and materials!

Shirley Ben-Elazar                                                                                                       2014

Shirley's project was examining how lipids are released during digestion from breast milk.

Yim Fan Yan                                                                                                                 2014

Yim's project focused on the modification of asprin bioaccessibility by covalently linking drug monomers. 

This project is co-supervised by Dr. Kathryn Uhrich.         

Melissa Anne Tanchingco                                                                                            2014

Melissa was working on understanding the effect of solvent on the rheological properties of molecular gels.

Christina Kim                                                                                                                2013

Christina was a Food Science major and and a G.H. Cook Scholar.  Her  project focused on using molecular rotors to measure viscous changes in food during digestion.

Kristen Connolly                                                                                                             2014

Kristen was working on HPLC analysis of digested food materials to observe the release profile of lipids from processed foods.

Finterly Hu                                                                                                                     2014

Finterly's project examined the role of solvent on the assembly of sorbitol gelators and how they effect the material properties. 

Danlei  Chen                                                                                                       2013-2014

Danlei's undergraduate project studied the rheological properties of molecular gels under various conditions.

Adrianne Speranza                                                                                             2012-2013

Adrianne was a dual Food Science and Nutrition major and Geroge H.Cook Scholar.  Her project focused on lipid digestion modeled using a simulated gastrointestinal tract.

Philip Lee                                                                          Summer 2012

Philip worked on Alginate gels and xerogels

Other members from 2008-2011 include Mr. Douglas Grahame (Research Assistant), Caitlin Olauson (Summer Research Assistant), Mr. Trevor Martins (Summer Research Assistant), Jae Hee Kim (Summer Research Assistant)       

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