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Undergraduate Teaching

Introduction to Food Engineering Processes 11:400:302

The purpose of this course is to provide students with the concepts and principles of engineering along with their applications to processing. This course is designed to cover fundamental principles of mass and energy balance, thermodynamics fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, as well as application of these principles to food processing operations. Special emphasis made on the development of students ability to quantitatively evaluate processing parameters and efficacy.

Learning objectives: Upon completion of the course students will:


1. Define and explain the basic engineering concepts and unit operations used in food processing;

2. Be able to evaluate mass and energy balances in the food processing industry;

3. Correctly analyze the mass and energy transfer phenomena that occur in the entire food processing system;

4. Acquire a fundamental understanding of heat and mass transfer mechanisms;

5. Develop their problem solving skills including quantitative approach and increase the basic understanding of selected unit operations in food processing.

Graduate Teaching

Food Chemistry Fundamentals 16:400:513


This course is a survey of the chemistry of food molecules, their interactions in foods, and their contributions to the quality and shelf-life of foods. Specific sections of the course will cover water, physical properties, lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, bioactive components and food colors, and interactions among food molecules in specific foods.


The course will emphasize relationships between the chemical structure, reactivity, and physical properties of food molecules and the properties of the foods of which they are a part.

Seminar in Food Science 16:400:601,602.

Student and guest speakers. Topics presented contribute to some facet of food science. Student participation is focused on providing experience in preparing, presenting, and defending scholarly research.

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